It’s not always about seeking that fine dining place that is secretly doing the rounds by word of mouth. Nor is it about simply satisfying those cravings to have a sandwich in the middle of the day.

Sometimes it’s all about starting the day right, and when you’re looking to pick a good breakfast spot in Portland there are individualistic needs you need to consider. Luckily for you, I have done all the research. All you have to do is sit back… and watch your appetite grow.Also know about the best restaurants for lunch in Portland.

Scouring for the Best Brekkie Locales in Portland

1. ‘Proud Mary’ For Your Coffee

Relaxing interior design of Proud Mary

Can’t start your day without that cuppa? Well, Proud Mary is proud to serve you Portland’s best coffee. What’s more, the owner Nolan handpicks the coffees, and the staff can even tell you the story behind each of the variants.

2. ‘Prasad’ For The Health Freak

Nobody’s judging you here; we all like to be healthy and even though the regular fatty waffle might seem like a yummy breakfast treat, it’s not the kind you get at Prasad. I’m talking about a guilt-free Pumpkin Waffle topped with walnuts, bananas and even with the option of cashew cream!

3. ‘Tasty N Alder’ For Those That Like The Tried And Tested

I literally had to come back to this gem on a weekday, as the weekend wait was way too long. I had the bacon and egg Bim Bop, which I polished with relish. I could even see a couple of people having some Bloody Marys, and they looked pretty fantastic.

4. ‘Pine State Biscuits’ For The OverIndulgent

Famous pecan pie at Pine State Biscuit

If you’d really like to indulge yourself at breakfast time, then this is your go to place. The Pine State’s ‘Reggie Deluxe’ is the delight of the person who likes all things fried. It’s a huge biscuit sandwich that is generously loaded with fried chicken, fried egg, bacon, cheese and gravy. It opens at 7 a.m. in the morning, so you might wish to come in early so you have some appetite left over for lunch!

5. ‘Fried Egg, I’m In Love’ For The Sunny Side Up Folk

This one has been the pride of Hawthorne for years, and if you’re like me and you like your eggs sunny side up but wish to experiment a little more with them, then this is the place to be! I strongly recommend the ‘Sriracha Mix-A-Lot’ for the Fried Egg with seared ham, avocado, havarti, tomato and sriracha. The sandwiches can even be made gluten-free, if you prefer.

6.‘Arleta Library Bakery Café’ For Those That Are Looking For Something Quaint

If you’d like your breakfast experience to be as nice as the food, I would recommend coming here. This place is extremely charming, what with its modest screen door and vintage flatware.

There are daily quiches and pane dolce, but what really impressed me was the coffee cake that was served fresh out of the oven. It’s often sold out here, and I was lucky to get a slice!

7. ‘Cameo Café’ For Those Seeking A Portalndesque Experience

Famous breakfast dish at Cameo cafe

When you’re in Portland, you might as well do what Portlanders do, right? The moment you step into this place you will be captivated by the quintessential Portland décor. It’s a most eclectic environment to have your breakfast in, and you will be highly impressed by the omelets and hash browns here in case you’re looking for the traditional American breakfast. Or, if you’re a tad bit more adventurous like I am you will want to opt in for Sue Gee’s Pindaettok, that is a gargantuan Korean pancake of veggies, beans and ground rice, served with bacon, two eggs and toast.

So, no matter if you’re looking to experiment or you simply love your morning cup of java, you know where you got to be headed in order to have a breakfast that will meet your needs in succinct fashion.

The options I have provided you will ensure you get only the finest breakfast that Portland has to offer, remember that. In some cases, though, you might not wish to have a heavy lunch thereafter!



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