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I’m Davis, and as you probably know by now, an absolute foodie! I love visiting places the world over and sampling their local fare. I think the true character of a place can be revealed by the food that you eat, and that is why I go to the various nooks and crannies of every city I visit the world over, not differentiating from the hatted restaurants and those that serve you street food. I believe strongly that food has the power to tell a story.

Best Duck Pancake in Portland

Streaming Series - After Dining!

Black For Wife - Debut

Black For Wife (2019) – Adult series coming under umbrella of Adult Time Network. If you are curious about interracial experiments in the adult industry you simply need to check out this series. If features the very well-known mature women with their black partners!

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Lucky Humpers

Lucky Humpers (2020) – Lucky, lil humpers are on a serious mission today. Their job is to please world’s most demanding MILFs. And being put against them is no easy task. Real life scenarios leading to generation battle of sexuality. Are we sure we are ready for it?

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FamilySwapXXXFamilySwapXXX (2020) – 4 families get together in order to have fun and maybe create a 5th family in the process. Watch this crazy idea of Nubiles where any configuration of mix-up between families is possible!

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Transfixed (2019 & 2021) – series that re-defined the transgender fun on the web. Soft launch in 2019 was a great success thanks to the biggest names appearing in the videos and 2021 is the moment where the action continues!

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Disruptive FilmsDisruptive Films (2022) – the series you will remember for a long time. Real life situations taking a fantasy turn and ending up with unplanned intercourse between male performers. Socially banned, yet loved by so many!

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My Younger Lover

My Younger Lover (2022) – watch how age gap between partners is being shut in this sensual love-making series. Both partners, even being so distant when it comes to age, learning from each other.

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Next Big Thing? Follow With Us!


JoyMii – the finest erotica that involves lots of romance and chemistry between partners. That could be the very next big thing in 2022. Given the overload of your usual heavy duty stuff it’s nice breathe of refreshment!

Ahegao Extreme Orgasms

Ahegao Extreme Orgasms – beauty of orgasming faces has finally made it to Adult Time. Watch this newest series dedicated to all those facials expressions that are associated with having THE REAL moments of plesure!

Haze Her

Haze Her – the finest or the worst, it depends which end of the hazing ritual end up on! Watch those silly dares to do in order to be in the cool chicks crowd. College life for females has never been so troubling!

Ass Parade

Ass Parade – explore the world of total roundness. Some of the hottest girls in the industry sporting their backs and letting you see why butt kink is something truly special!

Icon Male

Icon Male – the finest and most tabooish gay fantasies ever created are here, presented to us by Mile High Media. Watch real-life driven stories leading to nothing but male on male sweating!

Food News

Best Brekkie Locales in Portland

Proud Mary

Can’t start your day without that cuppa? Well, Proud Mary is proud to serve you Portland’s best coffee. What’s more, the owner Nolan handpicks the coffees, and the staff can even tell you the story behind each of the variants.


Nobody’s judging you here; we all like to be healthy and even though the regular fatty waffle might seem like a yummy breakfast treat, it’s not the kind you get at Prasad. I’m talking about a Pumpkin Waffle.

Tasty N Alder

I literally had to come back to this gem on a weekday, as the weekend wait was way too long. I had the bacon and egg Bim Bop, which I polished with relish. I could even see a couple of people having some Bloody Marys.

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Are you thinking of going someplace on vacation?Would you like to get in touch with me for the culinary experience of a lifetime? There’s a good chance I would have been to the place you plan on visiting, and it would be an absolute delight for me to serve you well with my recommendations.