Restaurants I Discovered That Offer Portland Famous Food

Restaurants I Discovered That Offer Portland Famous Food

It’s one of the traditions of the city, to eat like the locals. The great news is, I’ve got a list of the absolute best Portland has to offer that is quintessentially Portland! Read on while you smack your lips.

The Best Restaurants for Portland Famous Food

1. Voodoo Doughnut For The Bacon Maple Bar

Famous bacon maple bar

While Portland is famous for doughnuts, the most iconic of them is the Bacon Maple Bar, the same doughnut that launched a thousand bacon-themed spinoffs. It’s really a marriage of pork and syrup, and was even noticed by the legendary globe-diner, the now deceased chef Anthony Bourdain.

2. PokPok For Ike’s Wings

These fish sauce wings are Portland’s pride; they were even extolled as ‘New York’s Best Wings’ in 2012 by New York Magazine. Make sure you lick your fingers well whilst you have this savory treat!

3. Salt And Straw For Their Ice Cream

You want to go to this place after a heavy meal; when things like pastries are too much for dessert. The unusual and iconic flavors of the ice cream here will blow you away.

4. Khao Man Gai For Their ‘Khao Man Gai’

When a restaurant is named after its most iconic dish, it bears testament to the impeccable nature of the dish, of course. The succulent pieces of poached chicken and rice are wrapped in butcher paper and served with a delectable soybean sauce.

5. Beast For The Foie Gras Bon-Bon

You will find this goose-liver delicacy on the charcuterie plate here, and it is one of the staples!

You have to give these items a sampling when you’re in Portland. The tastes of the city add to the whole experience and give you a taste of its character.