There are a few places out there that are as picturesque as Portland in the summer. However, not all restaurants have the kind of view that would make you go ‘Wow!’ Here’s a list of the places where you can indulge in some great funky ambience and a lovely view to boot!

Restaurants with the Best View in Portland

1. Hotel Oregon

Breath taking view of Hotel Oregon

Stand at the rooftop bar in this lovely place and you will have a gorgeous view of McMinnville’s main street. Have your gin and tonic here or simply indulge in some good old burgers and tots. Mind you, there are a lot of people who don’t like the burgers here. While I didn’t think they were all that great, they were pretty good.

2. Hayden’s Lakefront Grill

There’s a reason lakefront property own rare so lucky; they have a gorgeous view, after all! While this might not be fine dining, it affords a wonderful view of the man-made lake at Tualatin Commons. I had the seafood chowder here, which was a pretty good starter. I wouldn’t recommend the tuna burger highly, but then here it’s really more about the view here, isn’t it?

3. Salty’sOn The Columbia

This one gives you a view that is completely different from most others. Here you will catch glimpses of Mount Hood and jets taking off at the Portland International Airport.

I had a lovely prawn cocktail here, topped by a hearty cioppini stew that was stuffed with salmon, rockfish and clams. All in all a great meal and a wonderful view to boot.

4. Helvetia Tavern

Apex bar interior design

You can get to see things like a peaceful meadow when you come to this place and look outside. You want to look inside instead of the television screen in this place. After all, it’s located in a pastoral setting that is just 15 miles from downtown Portland, and the view is most relaxing. This one’s good for the cheeseburger. I tried it. It’s pretty much the thing that everyone has when they come here, so there’s really no point in experimenting.

5. Apex

If you’re a beer drinker like me(did I ention that before?) you’re going to want to give this place a shot. It has more than 50 options on tap, but what will really blow you away is the view. You can see the wonderful urban vistas that are filled with rows of gleaming motorcycles and picnic tables that are frequented by youngsters.

If you like the city more than you like the suburbs, this place will give you the kind of feel you are looking for.

Some people frequent restaurants merely for the view. Of course, the food being good is a bonus.If you’re one of them, you certainly don’t wish to give these wonderful places a miss. These are places you can sit all by yourself and simply while your time away… and eat good food, of course!


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