Now that we have seen the most affordable places you can eat at in Portland, it’s time to indulge in the diametrical opposite. I’m not talking mere fine dining here, but rather the finer than fine kind. When it’s one of those days you have something to celebrate, you might wish to come here.

The 8 Absolute Best Places for Finer Than Fine Dining in Portland

1. Nodoguru

If you’re a fan of sushi, you probably want to save all the money you spend eating that roadside sushi, for when you dine at this restaurant. Here you will find their menus built around playful themes, like ‘Twin Peaks’ after the celebrated novelist Haruki Murakamis’s infamous novel of the same name. For that sushi, though, you have to come on Sunday.

2. Ava Gene’s

Undoubtedly one of the best-looking restaurants in all of Portland, this wonderful Italian restaurant has a lot on offer, but I would recommend the pasta here because I’m a good old-fashioned eater at times.

3. Natural Selection

If you’re a vegetarian, you’re going to want to take a date to this place. It’s really upscale, and the wonderful apple-parsnip soup and the cara cara orange salad will literally woo you. A tad bit coincidental, considering the owner’s name is Aaron Woo.

4. Laurelhurst Market

cozy interior of Ava Gene’s

Not many people I know don’t love steak, and youin all probability fall into that very category. Their charcuterie with their amazing pates and rillettes is to die for. To be quite frank, all I could eat after that was a side of potato chip-crusted mac and cheese. Don’t forget to try that steak though!

5. Holdfast Dining

This one’s got a tasting menu that’s priced at 90$, but it’s certainly worth every cent. The hallmark of this place, really, lies in their stunning presentations and unusual flavors. Highly recommended.

6. Kachka

This one takes you into the heart of Russia. You might want to try the tundra-cold vodka here, which is what I had. Kachka’s dumplings are an absolute delight. These are hexagonal dumplings that are stuffed with meats like pork and veal and served with some delicious Smetana, the Russian sour cream.

7. Xico

natural selection food specialty

When you talk Mexican food, you talk street food and small joints and rarely ever, fine dining. Well, at this place I was pleasantly surprised to find some haute Mexican cuisine. Don’t miss the Queso Fundido with gooey, melted Muenster along with chorizo and tomatillo salsa.

8. Nostrana

Here I would recommend the salt-crusted lamb (you got it by now, I love my meat) and The Insalata Rostrana, which has all the better attributes of the classic Caesar’s salad, albeit with the bitter, spicy radicchio replacing the Romaine lettuce.

Make sure that you give these places a try if you’re looking for that one special night out on the town!


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