The last time I visited Portland, it was in the bizarre love triangle of the Netflix Series You Me Her. Little did I know that its culinary promise would be as intriguing and exciting.

I’m Davis, and I’m about to take you on a whirlwind gastronomical journey of Portland’s finest foodie haunts.

All you need is a little bit of time on your hands to indulge in Portland’s finest eating holes. After all, you got to eat, right? Let’s dive in, then, into the magical lunch spots that will blow your mind (and palate) away!

The Ten Best Spots to Eat Lunch in Portland

1. Por Que No

Good ambiance at Por Que No restaurant

If you’re looking for food that is literally bursting with flavor, you simply can’t say ‘No’ to ‘Por Que No’. Fancy tortilla chips? You will be surprised to know that literally everything is homemade here, including these beautiful treats. Sitting at the communal table eating a bowl of veggies that had bangs of flavor in it, I couldn’t help but being overwhelmed by the bright colors of the restaurant.

2. Boxer Ramen

Who out there does not like to indulge in Ramen? You simply have to try the Tonkutsu here, which is traditional pork broth. Savory and served with soft-poached egg and scallions, they make for an absolute treat. There are only four options you will find for entrees on their menu. Kudos to them for keeping it ‘short and sweet’!

3. Khao San

Vegetarian curry ramen serve at Boxer Ramen Restaurant

I decided to experiment in Asian cuisine, and this beauty of a Thai restaurant had me floored with their small plates that allowed me to explore all the different flavors of Thai culture. There’s even a Tuk Tuk booth that you can sit in here. I managed to after a while, what with all the kids ensuring ‘Uncle’ did not get a ride ahead of them!

4. Deschutes Brewery

A fan of good old ale? You can probably spend the entire afternoon here. They have a total of 18 beers on tap (yes, 18!). Forget about the beer, the food is equally great too. It is locally sourced and prepared fresh daily. I would recommend pairing Black Butte Porter Ale with devilled eggs and topped off with an apple red onion tart.

5. Lardo

Something that once started out as a food cart has certainly gone a long way. I visited their outlet in Downtown Portland. The sandwiches were enormous, and I gorged on the one of my choice, the Grilled Mortadella, with an absolute sense of relish. You might want to try the Pork belly, Egg and Cheese sandwich, though. It’s the favorite. You can even sit in the cute patio, if you’re the outdoorsy kind like me.

6. Coquine

Coquine famous cookies

A visit to SE Belmont Street had me eating here. The dish I ate was a wonderful variant to the sandwich I ate at Lardo, what with it being the open-faced kind. Besides, it has a female chef and an all women team. More power to women out there!

7. Townshend’s Tea House

Grown up relishing your grannie’s pie? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The little pot pies are an absolute delight and ever so filling! What’s more, the folk here are tea experts and I absolutely relished my iced chai tea. P.S. They have free Wi-Fi.

8. Picnic House

Life’s a picnic, isn’t it? It certainly is here. The beef terrine was to die for, and I absolutely loved the décor of this hidden treasure.

9. Le Bistro Montague

All-time favorite mac and cheese served at Le Bistro Montague

French, anyone? I had the prosciutto and goat cheese omelet here, and it was ethereal. I was happy to parcel some as well. I’m told their containers are animals or objects made of tinfoil!

10. Grassa

Another visit downtown had me hanging out at this joint that offered seriously good pasta. I overdid it a little here and ordered some Chicken Cacciatore (Chicken Radiatore on the menu). Needless to say, I skipped dinner that night. Happily, of course.

I would be elated if you visit the places I recommended someday. Perhaps you could even share some spots not on this list with me!


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